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Chinna Chinna Aasai to Taxi: The Mozart's Journey Share

"Ulagamellam Engal Tamil Paatu!
Nilavu saaindhada enna rate??
Western engaluku vilayattu!!No Problem!!"

(The World resounds with our tamil songs!!
What is the bet for the moon to dance to it??
Western music is child's play for us!! No Problem)

These lines from "No Problem" in "Lovebirds" underline the significance of Allah Rakha Rahman in the world of Indian music.

Late 1980s Indian cine music witnessed a new beginning in the form of Chinna Chinna Aasai in Roja. Mani Ratnam was laughed at for giving up on the Midas of his earlier films-Ilayaraja (Think of Anjali, Thalapathy, Nayagan etc)- for this new gold merchant known for some ad jingles. Roja happened and Rahman became an overnight sensation. The new sounds of Rukkumani enthralled fans all over. Rahman won the national award that year.

A R Rahman

Then Rahman teamed with Shankar in Gentleman which was another revelation. Chikku Bukku Rayile was the youth anthem of early 1990s. Thiruda Thiruda with Mani Ratnam was full of international sounds. Music which was new to Indian films. Audio cassettes started selling in groves. Audio release functions which were hitherto mere rituals became an important part of the film's promotion. Music became the lifeline of the movies.

Pettai rap, Mukkala muqabla and Urvasi gave the right platform for Prabhu Deva to burst into Tamil cinema with breathtaking choreography. Pettai Rap became the catchword of 1994. Bombay sold a record 5 million cassettes. With Rangeela he burst into direct Hindi films. Minsara Kanavu fetched him another national award.

Then came Vande Matharam. The 50th year of independence saw this lovely musical tribute to India by Rahman. Full of passion and energy which has become the perennial favourite for all Independence Day occasions. August 15; Switch on your TV; Tune in to your favourite radio station; Go to the parade grounds where your whole city will be celebrating the day with fervor. There will be one voice and one voice only. The Voice of Rahman singing Maa Thuje Salaam.

The same year saw the best friendship song in Tamil cinema. Anyone who has passed out from college will sob after hearing this Musthafa Musthafa in Kadhal Desam. Many music directors are trying to get in their own replacement for musthafa. Alas! It is yet to happen!!

Dil Se released in 1998. Chaiyya chaiyya became a big chartbuster. The stunning visuals atop the Ooty train, sizzling Malaika Arora and fantastic choreography gelled together to give the only song in Bollywood which has a separate article in Wikipedia. Then Rahman went global and composed for the musical theatrical Bombay Dreams produced by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. It was enacted in Broadway.

TIME magazine called him the ‘Mozart Of Madras’. “His songs were recognizably Indian but paraded a world of musical influences, from raga to reggae, from Broadway to Ennio Morricone, with each tune heightening the film's drama” - TIME magazine noted. His Roja featured in the top 10 albums of all time. He started appearing in the list of 100 most selling international artists. He became the first Indian to appear on the cover of ‘Rolling Stones’.

Lagaan was called ‘a gripping musical’ by the Academy Awards Committee. Yeh jo des hai struck a chord with NRIs all over the world. Chaiyya Chaiyya was used in the title credits of the Hollywood flick Inside Man. He composed music for The Lord Of The Rings theatre production. The theme music in Bombay was used in Lord Of War. Two tracks from Rang De Basanti and one from Water were short-listed for 2007 Academy Awards but just could not make it. He has done international concerts in Singapore, Australia, Dubai, USA, Malaysia, Canada and UK. He is the Indian ambassador for the global campaign against TB (an undertaking of WHO). He has won 23 filmfare awards, 6 state awards and 4 national awards. He has been conferred with the Padma Shri.

Rahman is the one-stop for music with diverse genres.

Folk- Kizhakku Cheemayile, Karuthamma, Madhuraiku Pogadhadi-ATM
Rap - Pettai Rap, Taxi Taxi, Dating.
Karnatic - Kannodu Kaanbathellam - Jeans
Adrenaline pumping intro songs - Oruvan oruvan, Ella pugazhum.
Jazz - jillunu oru kadhal, Hello Mr.edhirkatchi,
Qawwali- Khwaja mere Khwaja,
ad jingles- airtel....
The list is endless...

This BBBIIIGGG article has been written in response to many who are writing Rahman off. He may look off color to some. But many chartbusters of 2008 are his. He has been nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Slumdog millionaire that has been winning
critics awards all over USA in film festivals.

I wish the Living Music Legend, Musical Cyclone(*Isai Puyal) A.R.Rahman a very Happy Birthday....behalf of all the Die hard FANS....OF A.R.R....

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lone said...

Hi...although i don't listen to radio....(coz im not in da country...!!) just wanted to tell u that ARR has been nominated for the best music composer for his music track in the movie "Slumdog millionaire" at the Golden Globe Awards.......

"thought u'd like to hear dat..."

saisayan said...

Good Article akka..... my best wishessssssssss

S.DYENA said...

thanks for the infomation...lone...

but i already got to know this on 13th of dec 2008....n did a special show for ARR on the 14th of Dec 2008..

Anonymous said...

Nice info ;) Thx for you’r time… ;)


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